Ronald Ayala

His Journey

Currently MD and Chief of Engineer at El Spot Studios, Roni has worked as a sound engineer, music producer and mixing & mastering engineer in a wide range of audio productions, music genres and over 150 artists, like Richard Madden (Marvel “The Eternals”), Paolo Nutini, Petros Klampanis, Luca Chiantore, Jovino Santos Neto, Rasika Shekar, Viktorija Pilatovik, Ay Trick and Valmuz, among other incredible and talented artists and musicians.

Roni’s first childhood memory of himself is singing and dancing in his living room while figuring out how to conect the microphone and rewind the cassette in his parents Hi-Fi Stereo System at age of 3. Since then, his relationship with music has become inseparable. When he was 8 years old he started playing the piano and performing at the school choir. While growing up, Roni was always motivated to learn and discover new instruments and music styles. This music journey led him to self-teach himself to record at the age of 14. This experience was a breaking point, he never stoped recording and decided he wanted to become a music producer.

He graduated from Universidad San Francisco de Quito as a Bachelor in Music Production and Sound Engineering in 2014; pursued a master’s degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation (MPTI) from Berklee College of Music and Universitat Politècnica de València, graduated with honors (suma cum laude). Then followed by a Postmaster´s fellowship at Berklee College of Music in the MPTI program.

At a professional level, he started his first home studio in 2012, the studio grew to become one of the most complete studios in Ecuador, under the name of Acousticolor Cia. Ltda. In this studio he mastered his audio, video, photography, ilustration and animation abilities until 2019, when he left the studio and moved to Spain. At Spain he has work with several institutions like Berklee College of Music, Yamaha, Sound Next and Musikeon

Roni´s connection with his projects make him go above and beyond to make it sound and look impeccable. He is passionate about sharing and teaching his art in analog audio recording, music production, mixing, mastering, technology, audio and video editing, studio signal flow, acoustics, filmmaking  and much more.


[…] I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, Roni is a team player and has demonstrated time and time again a willingness to go above and beyond. He is a hard-working, dependable, knowledgeable individual and I consider him to have been a true asset to myself […]

Dani Castelar

Sound Engineer,

Roni is extremely thorough, always on time, and are always willing to go the extra mile.

Peter Juul Kristensen

Sound Engineer,

[…] Roni is by far one of my best students. He constantly shows strong interest and diligence in all of my courses, and his bright attitude and positive outlook make him a pleasure to work with.  […]

Pierce Warnecke

Sound Engineer,

Roni has demonstrated his full commitment to his technical subjects and a strong connection to his latin culture, providing him with excellent musical skills as well as a unique perspective on the process of music making. His hard work ethic and eagerness to learn made him one of my top students.
Roni demonstrated his full potential as a professional.

Gabriel Ferreyra

USFQ Music Production Techer,